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Installing A New Ceiling Outlet For Auxillary Lighting


I recently installed some Recessed Ceiling lighting and wanted to add an overhead outlet for my work bench overhead light. This video will cover the basics of install while tying into an existing light. You can also tie into a junction box or another outlet. If you have any questions let me know.





Basic electrical tools are needed: Voltage tester/meter, screwdriver, wire strippers/cutters, hammer and misc wire nuts may be needed.

  1. Always check to make sure the power has been shut off at the breaker.

Recessed Lighting DIY Tutorial


So I have finally gotten around to replacing our terrible lighting in our basement. In the video I go through removing the old porcelain light fixture and wiring in new recessed lighting boxes, complete with basic wiring. I was able to do this in about 35 mins while doing all the video, hopefully after watching this you can get this done in a short period of time. After the first one I got the other 5 done in around an hour.




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