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Rapid Fire Kinetic Flywheel Super Firewood Splitter

Rapid Fire Super SplitterI’ve recently picked up a new tool for the homestead, it’s a Rapid Fire Flywheel type Firewood Super Splitter. There are several of these types out there now and I looked at the DR brand and the original Super Splitter. The newest DR ones have changed and have gotten some bad reviews and the Supper Splitter is over $3400 delivered to me. I was able to pick this up locally for a really great deal.

I have several videos up showing me putting it together to running it the first few times. Overall I’m really happy with it and should be able to get many 100’s if not thousands of cords out of it. The importer said he has several firewood companies locally who have been using them non stop for 2+ years with minimal wear and have ordered more, he said one machine has over 800 cords on it in less than 6 months…

Anyway, thought you might like to see it in action.

The build and assembly;


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