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How to make a secure locking lockbox out of a 20MM ammo can

bscap0000 (4)So my truck recently got broken into and it looked to be just some idiot looking for a quick score, I had my backpack with some tools, knife and hatchet in there along with some cash and extra clothes. I had secured my bag using a cable lock but that didn’t prevent him from rummaging around, he took my knife and hatchet and luckily missed my cash I had hidden, he did steal some change too.

Overall it wasn’t a big deal, I had some smaller ammo cans that I know I could have used but decided on getting one of the bigger 20MM cans, that way I could fit my whole bag in there plus some tools and if need be my laptop. I checked around and found the larger 20MM ammo can for $40, plus the $2 in eye-bolts and I already had the cable lock.

Was pretty straightforward, watch the video and please pass on to any of your friends, great way to secure items in your vehicle for much cheaper than conventional lock box.



Easy DIY, making a lockbox out of a 20MM Ammo Can, using a few eyebolts and drilling a couple of holes. Build one today, can be used on 40MM, 30 & 50 Cal Ammo Cans Lock to your vehicle with a cable.


  1. Chuck Gross says:

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the post on the ammo box as a lockbox. I had been looking for a way to secure a security cam at a location where it will be pretty much out in the open, and using an ammo can had been one of my thoughts. I have a couple of the bigger boxes and they will be big enough to hold the sealed battery I will be using with it. Super idea. Link it on TSP forum !!

    I hooked one of the switches I got from you up, and though I was going to need it, or maybe both, but dodged a bullet. It iced a little at my BOL house, but the power line didn’t come down, so I’m OK for now.

    Chuck Gross

    1. Rick says:

      Hi Chuck,

      Yea that sounds like a good use of the lockbox, I hadn’t thought of that, pretty easy to drill a few holes for your wiring. Happy to hear you got the Transfer switch all installed and are ready to go. Weather has been pretty good around here so far, so no generator use yet this year.


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