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Repairing A Leaking Tub Faucet, New O-ring/Packing Seal on Stem Valve

tubfaucet (3)The other night while giving our kids their bath my wife started yelling at me that the hot water wouldn’t shut off. I ran upstairs and tried to shut it off but the handle just kept turning and turning.

I had to open the access panel under the tub to shut the valves off to the faucet. We had before a constant leaking tub faucet, so I knew eventually I had to take care of it.

So the next day I fixed it and this is the video I did. Sorry for the poor lighting, I was more concerned about fixing it than the proper lighting but you’ll see how to remove the valve and assembly from an American Standard faucet and repair or replace the packing O-Ring, quick fix.


The Video:


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