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Questions & Answers by email or post?

Extended Ohms Law Pie ChartSo with all the recent storm activity I’ve been getting plenty of emails and comments in the posts regarding particular problems or troubleshooting. I would like to share this information with everyone as some people might have the same issue as you. So instead of emails I would prefer if you have a question regarding wiring a furnace to a generator or sequence of operation to post a comment in that post, that way I can answer it there and pass it on.

Of course if you have something in particular to ask me not related to an individual post please email me, rick (at) ricksdiy.com

I’m also working on several Q & A videos regarding the most common problems that I’ve heard from everyone, and also a few pointers and tips. These should be out next week hopefully, trying to get over this winters cold & flu.


  1. Dan says:

    I enjoyed your site and have learned a lot. I would like to know if it is possible to hook two champion 3500/4000 watt generators to a transfer switch. The idea is to use one generator for lights and fridges and any other very small items and then when I would like to turn on the HVAC start up the second generator to support this. The advantages are clear why I wouldn’t want to run two gens all the time. I think I could use one generator to run my gas heating unit but its when I would like the AC on where there is not enough amps. For the AC I need something around 21 amps.


    1. Rick says:

      Hi Dan, you could definitely use 2 generators at the same time, but I don’t think there is a Transfer switch on the market that allows 2 power inputs, usually it’s either a 120V 15/20 Amp or a 208/240V 20-50 Amp input. You could use a transfer switch for all your single phase items (single breaker 15-20Amp) and then get a 240V outdoor Single circuit transfer switch wired into the outdoor AC unit fuse/breaker panel. Then you could run everything you need for lights etc, when the AC is needed plug in the 2nd generator get it up and running and switch over to the generator, then turn on the power to the indoor blower and then you can control like normal through the thermostat, when done simply shut off the 2nd generator.

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