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How To Remove Pitch From A Vehicle

Removing PitchSo I was detailing my wife’s car this weekend and I needed to remove a bunch of pitch from the car. When we visited some family last summer we had parked under some pine tree’s and they dropped a significant amount of pitch all over the car. I decided to do a quick video of how to remove the pitch.

I didn’t mention it in the video, but it’s best to remove the pitch from the front windshield as soon as possible using a razor blade. For pitch on the paint I find it better to wait for awhile and let the sun & time to crystallize it for easy removal.

The process is pretty quick and painless for the most part, I did the whole car in about an hour and every panel had multiple pitch spots. The video shows just a few of the spots.

  • The method is to use a razor blade to remove pitch from the glass, use a credit card type plastic or Plastic Razor to remove the pitch from the paint.
  • Then remove any residue left with a CLEAN rag and Goop Off, Acetone or Lacquer thinner.
  • Use a buffer or hand buff with a polisher or scratch remover compound to remove any micro scratches. (Optional)
  • Wax the area to restore the oils in the clear-coat to protect the paint.

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The Video:

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