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DIY One Man Tiny House Build & Wood Slab Bench


I’m currently finishing up my plans and material list for a  one man DIY build of a Tiny House, right now I’m looking at a 10’x16′ foot print with a sleeping loft and front covered porch/deck.

The big thing about this is I’m trying to build it for less than $2500 including the kitchen sink! I’ll be doing a whole video series showing everything I can, along with the material list and my plans and drawings will all be free.

I should be getting started on this in June and should have some videos up be the end of June hopefully. The other thing I’m trying to do is get the main structure with roof and doors/windows done in just one weekend…by myself. I have a main page I’ll be posting all my updates for this to, it can be found here.

In other notes, my wife has been asking me about making some sort of entryway hooks/organizer area where we come in from the garage, she something similar on a t..v. program and liked using the T1-11 siding as a backdrop, we will paint it in the near future. we don’t have any closets nearby and have been piling our coats up on a chair near the door. Well she’s gone for a few days, so to surprise her I built this, I cut a sheet on T1-11 8″OC siding panel and then sanded it smooth, screwed to the wall and attached the hooks she purchased.

I also recently got myself an Alaska Chainsaw Mill and had cut a few slabs from a Hemlock tree we brought down. I cut a nice section out 2″ thick, and cut the bench 4′ long and with 2 15″ sections for the supports. Simply sanded and screwed it together…I didn’t do a video just a few pics when I was finished.




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