DIY Easy Chocolate Fix: Brownie In A Mug !

brownie in a mug fullI found this basic recipe some time ago and have used it from time to time over the years. Well I recently found a picture of how to do it.

I thought I just had to share this with everyone as it is really good and can be made in less 5mins from gathering everything to digging in.

I now keep the picture saved on my desktop as a go to fix for my chocolate cravings.


DANGER: New Years Resolution Buster !

Well tonight I decided I needed something so I made up my own Brownie in a mug, I highly recommend it. Figured it was a good time to share this with Valentines Day and all.

I did some Google-Fu and found the original post for this recipe/picture HERE.

A couple of notes:

  • I found even using really high quality Olive Oil that I can taste it, but I find this the case with most oils. So use whatever suits your fancy. If there is a NON-GMO Corn Oil I would use that.
  • For my microwave 1:40 is perfect
  • Use a Good quality mug, some heat up differently or get hotter than the material in the mug
  • This actually makes a substantial size brownie and my wife and I usually split one.

Here is the Original Picture in all it’s Original Glory!





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  1. poopkins

    this has 582 calories, worse then a big mac, now every time i eat this i will feel so fat.

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