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This page is where I will be posting my resources and videos regarding my one man DIY Tiny House Build.

UPDATE: Due to the fires in E.WA and the location of these in close proximity to our land I have postponed this build until next year. I will keep everyone updated.

Background: We have some property in E.WA that I primarily use as a hunting & recreation site. It sits in the mountains and has a little creek running through it. It is only accessible by 4WD and the road is narrow and daunting to drive with steep 70 degree drop offs on the sides. Trying to bring in anything on a trailer is just asking for trouble not to mention it takes almost an hour to get to the nearest town and 90 minutes to one with a hardware store. We also live about 4-1/2 hours away so it’s hard to come very often another reason for a quick build.

It is completely off-grid and I wanted to make a tiny house that I can use or lend out to friends to use rather than always having to tent it. I would also like to try going there during the winter months and having a nice little place with a wood stove going sounds ideal.

This picture is the basis for my build, as of right now these are my goals and features for this build.

  • Initial build: 10′ x 16′ with front porch. Get the foundation, walls and roof on in one 2-3 day weekend. I will be filming this as much as I can, and will freely give away my plans, crude drawings and my material lists and costs.
  • I’m hoping to build the main structure for around $2500, in my price estimating so far I’m around $2450 with everything including front door and windows. If I can find them 2nd hand I should be able to save a few more $. Other than that everything will be bought new.

View from the top of the property.

More coming soon!

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