DIY Greenhouse on Raised Bed Easy 2hr $100 Build Video Series

greenhouseFor less than $100 and 2 hours I built this greenhouse for our raised bed garden using just electrical conduit and some painters plastic. Great row tunnel for winter veggies. I built this whole thing and video in less than 2 hours. A couple of short videos of the process.

Great temporary green house, I plan on moving the bed to a better location in the spring and just wanted to get something up for this winter. I broke down what my costs were buying from our local Home Depot, I already had the 2 posts and ridge beam 2×4, but I checked on the price for those as well. Our raised bed is 10′ x 20′ but I only wanted to cover half that.

Thats another Win!

funlegendarythreadb  I just realized today that I never posted about the winner of our contest. Congratulations to Jacob H. of Fond du Lac, WI. I sent him one of our Heezy HTS15 Manual transfer switches along with a few other goodies I had laying around. I hope to do some more promo type giveaways this fall after we move into our new place.

Free Transfer Switch Promotion Giveaway

10k Visitors Freebie DrawingI had a problem with my email list so I had to redo this post and extend the sign up! So I was recently checking my stats for this year and was astonished to see that I had passed over 10,000 Visitors each month! …January and February…So I figured to celebrate this achievement I would give away a Free Single Circuit Transfer Switch!

I’m sure for some website owners this is nothing but for me I’m quite proud. How this works is simple, I will hold a drawing on April 11st at 12pm PST drawn from my mailing list. I will randomly pick one of the email address’s listed and send them an email saying they’ve won, you will have 48 hrs to respond to claim your Free Transfer Switch or I will draw another name.

Questions & Answers by email or post?

Extended Ohms Law Pie ChartSo with all the recent storm activity I’ve been getting plenty of emails and comments in the posts regarding particular problems or troubleshooting. I would like to share this information with everyone as some people might have the same issue as you. So instead of emails I would prefer if you have a question regarding wiring a furnace to a generator or sequence of operation to post a comment in that post, that way I can answer it there and pass it on.

Of course if you have something in particular to ask me not related to an individual post please email me, rick (at)

Single Circuit Generator Transfer Switch, For Furnaces, Boilers & Sump Pumps

HTS15-MANThought I would share the news of my new single circuit transfer switches that I make through my company Heezy LLC. Pictured is the newest Manual transfer switch and I also have an automatic version.

They are quite easy to install even if you don’t have much experience with doing electrical work, I include easy to follow instructions and even have a few videos on installing them.

If you would like to read more or order one, please check out the HTS15-MAN manual version here, or the HTS15-AUTO automatic version here.

Custom Kydex Sheath For My Hori Hori Garden Knife Trowel


So I finally got around to making a sheath for my Hori Hori Garden Knife Trowel. I’ve had this for a few years and it came with a POS leather sheath that was about as thick as a piece of paper, I never really used it and would just carry the knife around and of course I would leave it on the ground and would have to search around for it.

Testing Portable Generator for Ground Neutral Bond


BGtestmeterAnother DIY video;

How to test and check your Portable Generator for Ground Neutral Bond, Bonding Check Testing for proper use and wiring of a transfer switch for powering high efficiency gas furnace or use with inverter type generators, Honda Eu and Yamaha types.

Video on how to use an electrical meter to test your generator out to see what kind of bonding you have. It’s recommended to use a neutral switching transfer switch if you have a floating or unbonded neutral generator like the Honda EU2000.

You can also create a G-N Bonding Edison plug, quite easily.

Portable Inverter Generator Neutral Ground Bonding Plug Honda Yamaha

Portable Generator Neutral Ground Bonding Edison Plug NGB With the recent bad weather back east my email inbox has been filled with all sorts of questions regarding portable generators, transfer switch wiring, powering furnaces, well pumps etc. One of the big problems people are having is with the newer inverter type generators, the Honda EU series and the Yamaha and countless others like them. The issue is with powering certain equipment and electronics the generator shows a ground or reversed polarity fault and won’t work.

The problem is that these generators use what’s called a floating neutral or unbonded neutral/ground. Standard wiring in a home has the Ground and Neutral Bonded together usually at the Circuit breaker panel or distribution center.

How to make a secure locking lockbox out of a 20MM ammo can

bscap0000 (4)So my truck recently got broken into and it looked to be just some idiot looking for a quick score, I had my backpack with some tools, knife and hatchet in there along with some cash and extra clothes. I had secured my bag using a cable lock but that didn’t prevent him from rummaging around, he took my knife and hatchet and luckily missed my cash I had hidden, he did steal some change too.

Building homemade vacuum chamber for one man brake bleeding


A quick video of my homemade vacuum chamber for doing one man brake bleeding. Using a mason jar, a vacuum pump and some 1/4″ID 3/8″OD tubing.


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